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D&D Attack Wing has taken flight at Destiny Games!

31.10.14 - Posted in BlogPopular PostsRecent News

Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing is a Dungeons and Dragons miniatures strategy game of quick-moving tactical fantasy combat set in the Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms universe. Players control dragons, heroes, or various monsters – equip them with Dragon, Monster, Heroic, Equipment, Arcane, and Divine upgrades – and control their party or monstrous horde to defeat unfathomably powerful foes or gain fame and fortune.

This Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing – Starter Set has everything a player needs to begin their epic journey of war and conquest, including three painted plastic dragon figures, custom dice, cards, tokens, and quick-start rules. A complete rulebook is also included to allow more experienced player to take their battles to the next level!


1 Full Rulebook

1 Quick-Start Rules Booklet

3 Painted Plastic Dragons

3 Transparent Plastic Bases with Pegs

3 Creature Tokens (Double-sided)

13 Maneuver Templates

6 HeroClix Maneuver Dials

9 Action Tokens

6 Altitude Tokens

13 Effect Tokens

20 Duration Tokens

1 Permanent Duration Token

6 Armor Tokens (Double-sided)

3 Critical Hit Tokens

3 Exhaustion Tokens

6 Disabled Upgrade Tokens

3 “No Attack” Tokens

3 Pivot Tokens

12 Adventure Tokens

12 Objective Tokens

1 Initiative Token

6 Creature Cards

3 Maneuver Cards

20 Upgrade Cards

3 Campaign Artifact Upgrade Cards

33 Damage Cards

6 Red Attack Dice

6 Green Defense Dice

1 Range Ruler

Ages: 14+

Players: 2+

Game Length: 60 minutes

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