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FNM – Commander Format

11.03.16 - Posted in
January 1, 2016 @ 8:00 pm
FNM - Commander Format

Friday Night Magic: Commander League

The Commander Format is a casual multiplayer format where players have access to the entire history of the cards (With a ban list*)
to create a minimum 100 card deck. Each deck has a mandatory Legendary creature as the decks General. The cards inside the deck must be the same color identity as the General of the deck.

*For more information on deck creation and ban list go to

Dates and Times: Friday at 7PM

Entry: Free

League Format: Casual multiplayer in pods of more the 3 earn points depending on where you finish.

FNM Promos: The available Promos will be handed out to the first winners of the pods. Any winner can elect to give the promo to another player in the pod.

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