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Digimon X Record Pre-Release

12.07.22 - Posted in
July 24, 2022 @ 1:00 pm
Digimon X Record Pre-Release

X-Record Pre-Release

Standard Pre-Release rules.

■Experience the fun of sealed format!
In sealed format, players each open a set number of booster packs from specified sets, and
build their decks using only the cards they open.
Unlike standard play, you can ignore color when digivolving cards (only level and digivolution
cost matter) and there are special rules for deckbuilding.
■ Packs to Use
-6 Packs (each participants should use the same number of packs.)
■Deck Construction Rules
After opening 6 packs, players build a 40-card deck, and a 0-5 card Digi-Egg deck. There are
no banned or restricted cards, and players can include as many copies of cards with the same
card number as they like. (There is no 4-card limit and 5 or more copies of a card with the
same card number can be included in decks.) Any cards left over from deck construction are
treated as sideboard cards.
■Suggested Match Format
Use a Swiss draw format to match players with the closest win rates.
Cards not used in decks are treated as sideboard cards. In-between games, players can
exchange cards in their deck with cards in their sideboard. Players can exchange as many
cards between deck and sideboard as they like, so long as they have a legal number of cards
in their deck and Digi-Egg deck.
■Keeping Cards
Players can keep any cards they open in packs.


$30 Entry Fee

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