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Pokemon Cosmic Eclipse Pre-Release

03.10.19 - Posted in
October 20, 2019 @ 11:00 am
Pokemon Cosmic Eclipse Pre-Release

Admission: $25

Get the latest Pokémon cards before they are officially released!!

All players will receive a total of 7 packs of Cosmic Eclipse plus a 22-card evolution pack

At the start of the tournament players will receive a Build and Battle kit that contains.
• Four packs of Cosmic Eclipse
• One 22-card evolution pack
• One alternate art promo card

Players will build a 40 card deck out of the cards they pull from the box.
Basic energy will be provided at the event. All Basic Energy cards are yours to keep and if you’re unsure how to play the game we will teach you!

After completing three rounds, all players will receive 3 additional booster packs as a participation prize. Players must complete all three rounds of play to receive the 3 additional packs. Players are responsible for bringing appropriate coins, dice, markers, damage counters or other materials necessary for play.

The tournament will be age-modified swiss. There will be three rounds total with players allowed 20 minutes per round. Keep in mind that due to players using a 40 card deck, all players will play with four prize cards instead of the usual six.

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