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Disk Repairs:          $2.00 test

Diagnostic Fee:      $25.00


The Diagnostic fee is non-refundable and is required to be paid if the system is going to be dropped off for repair.  This fee is in ADDITION to the fees stated below.


Playstation 4

  • Disk Drives:     $100.00
  • We do not repair HDMI Ports


Xbox One

  • Disk Drive:     $100.00
  • Wi Fi Board:     $50.00
  • Power/sync/eject Board:     $50.00
  • Front Power Ribbon:     $35.00
  • Xbox One S Power Supply:     $50.00


Nintendo Switch

  • Screen/Digitizer:     $75.00


Wii U

  • Gamepad Scree:     $50.00
  • Disc Drive:     $100.00



There are many repairs that are not listed, this is not because we don’t do them, but because there are so many repairs that we do perform, it would be incredibly difficult to locate the common ones and their respective prices. Please get in touch with us to inquire about your repair, chances are we are more than capable of handing your request.

Repair Warranty

Notice: All repairs will void the manufacturers warranty. All repairs come with a 30 day labor warranty, and a 90 day parts warranty (where applied). We reserve the right to disqualify any system from warranty because of previous tampering. We also reserve the right to deny warranty due to tampering with the store’s warranty label and / or gross neglect of the system (including improper care and accidental damages).